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The IEEE International Frequency Control Symposium constitutes one of the leading international technical conferences for research, development, and applications of frequency control. The 2016 Symposium also includes an exhibition area that will allow all of the conference participants and  exhibitors the opportunity to interrelate both technically and socially.

We expect that over 20 different vendors displaying products covering a wide range of current cutting-edge technology, will be exhibiting this year. The exhibit area will also be the location of the session coffee breaks and the Exhibitor Reception.

With an expected attendance of over 300 scientists and technologists who are leaders in their field, plus 20 international vendors, the conference provides a unique opportunity for close interaction between exhibitors and attendees with the exhibition forming a significant part of the overall conference experience.

Below is the exhibit prospectus that will outline the details of reserving an exhibit booth for the conference. To avoid disappointment, reserve your exhibit space early as space is limited. Please contact the undersigned for further information.

Sue Kingston
Exhibits Coordinator
Tel: (310) 937-1006
Fax: (310) 356-3545
Cell: (310) 699-2609