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IFCS 2016 Awards

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The IFCS Awards will be presented during the Plenary Session, Wednesday, May 11th to the following 2016 awardees:

I. I. Rabi Award
The I. I. Rabi Award is to recognize outstanding contributions related to the fields of atomic and molecular frequency standards, and time transfer and dissemination.

Dr. John Kitching
“For his pioneering work on Chip-Scale Atomic Devices”

W.G. Cady Award
The W. G. Cady Award is to recognize outstanding contributions related to the fields of piezoelectric or other classical frequency control, selection and measurement; and resonant sensor devices.

Bernd W. Neubig

“For 40 years of contributions to the area of piezoelectric frequency control devices as a successful researcher, educator, and entrepreneur and the efforts in the international standardization of piezoelectric devices”

C. B. Sawyer Award 
The C. B. Sawyer Memorial Award is to recognize entrepreneurship or leadership in the frequency control community; or outstanding contributions in the development, production or characterization of resonator materials or structures.

Dr. Paul Muralt
“For his outstanding contribution to understand growing mechanism of piezoelectric thin films and materials, the development of innovative structures for acoustic-wave-based resonators and transducers and the promotion of their use for effective time-and-frequency applications”