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Invited Talks

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IFCS 2016 – Confirmed Invited Talks 
March 25, 2016

Group 1: Materials, Resonators, & Resonator Circuits

•    Randall Kubena, HRL Laboratories, LLC.  – Co-Integration of a Quartz OCXO and MEMS Inertial Sensors for Improved Navigational Accuracy 

Focus Session: Quartz Oscillators 

•    Yanqing Zheng, SICCAS – Growth, characterization and piezoelectric applications of langasite-type and YCOB crystals
•    Masanobu Okazaki, Secretary of IEC/TC49: IEC/TC49’s International Standardization Activities on Quartz Crystal Devices  
•    CS Lam, Skyworks – A Review of the Timing and Filtering Technologies in Smartphones 
•    Jun Kondoh, Shizuoka University – SH-SAW Biosensor on Quartz

Group 2: Oscillators, Synthesizers, Noise, and Circuit Techniques 

•    David Tanner, U. of Florida:   Design Considerations for an Axion Detector  
•    Tim Lee, Boeing:  Global Internet Access from Space for Humanitarian Applications

Focus Session: Novel Micro Optical Resonators and Applications 

•    Kerry Vahala, Caltech:  New Directions for Optical Frequency Division: Soliton Microcombs and Electro-Optical-Modulation 
•    Andrey Matsko – OEwaves: Turn-Key Operation and Stabilization of Kerr Frequency Combs
•    Michal Lipson, Columbia:  High Quality On-Chip Resonators for Frequency Combs

Group 3: Microwave Frequency Standards

•    Onur Hosten, Stanford: Entanglement enhanced metrology for atom interferometry

Focus session: Space Clocks

•    Ron Beard, NRL:  History of space qualified atomic clock development for the GPS program.
•    Mr. Jing Li, Beijing Institute of Radio Metrology and Measurement: Space Passive Hydrogen Maser
•    Bill Klipstein, JPL: Interspacecraft Laser Interferometry on the path to a gravitational wave observatory in Space: the LISA and GRACE Follow-On missions

Group 4: Resonant Sensors and Transducers

•    Ivan Favero, Université Paris Diderot: Nano-optomechanics in Liquids

Focus Session: Sensing for Oil and Gas

•    Bikash K. Sinha, Schlumberger-Doll Research: Recent developments in high precision quartz and langasite pressure sensors for high temperature and high pressure applications
•    Yook-Kong Yong, Rutgers:  The elastic stiffness of langasite at high temperatures and its temperature compensated orientations
•    Haifeng Zhang – University of North Texas: Piezoelectric devices for sensing, energy harvesting, and structure health monitoring applications

Group 5: Timekeeping, Time & Frequency Transfer, GNSS & Applications 

•    Miho Fujieda, NICT: Two-way carrier-phase satellite frequency transfer for remote frequency comparison  
•    Sam Pullen, Stanford:  Aircraft navigation and GNSS signal integrity

Focus Session: 50 Years of the Allan Deviation

•    Judah Levine, NIST: The history of the Allan Deviation
•    Goran Peskir, U. of Manchester: Optimal Stopping and Quickest Detection of Hidden Changes

Group 6: Optical Frequency Standards & Applications

•    Dmitry Budker, U. Mainz and UC Berkeley: Searching for Ultralight Dark Matter with Atomic Spectroscopy and Nuclear Resonance
•    Eric Hudson, UCLA: Towards a nuclear clock based on the isomeric transition in thorium-229

Focus Session: Optical Frequency Control (DODOS)

•    John Bowers, UC Santa Barbara: Chip-scale Optical Resonator Enabled Synthesizer
•    Ben Yoo, UC Davis: Integrated Micro-Optical Synthesizer (µOS)
•    Ming Wu, UC Berkeley: Heterogeneously Integrated Optical Synthesizer (HiOS)
•    Franz Kaertner, DESY and Universitaet Hamburg: Electronic-Photonic Integration Platform Enabling a Chip-scale Optical Synthesizer