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Highlights of the IEEE IFCS 2016 program include:

  • Tutorials (Monday, May 9)
  • Technical Sessions (Tuesday, May 10 - Thursday, May 12)
  • Plenary Speakers Each Morning of the Conference
  • Professional Skills Event for Students and Postdocs (Tuesday, May 10)
  • Student Paper Competition (Tuesday, May 10)
  • Exhibitors' Reception (Tuesday, May 10)
  • IFCS Rabi, Cady and Sawyer Awards (Plenary Session, Wednesday, May 11)
  • Women in Engineering Event (Wednesday, May 11)
  • Symposium Banquet (Wednesday, May 11)
  • President's Student Breakfast (Thursday, May 12)
  • Optional Tour of the Livingston LIGO Facility (Friday, May 13)