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Student Paper Competition

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Student Paper Competition Finalists 

2016 International Frequency Control Symposium 
A very strong group of submissions to the Student Paper Competition was received and reviewed by the Technical Program Committee. The list of Finalists is given below. 
The student paper competition will take place in the poster session on Tuesday, May 10, 2016. A winner will be selected from each of the groups listed below, and the awards will be presented at the Conference Banquet. To participate in the competition, the student had to be the lead author and present the paper. If the paper is selected for oral presentation, the student must also provide a poster to participate in the competition. Winners will receive a $500 monetary award and a certificate. 
*2016 winners are announced below*
Group 1
Adarsh Ganesan, University of Cambridge:  Observation of Intrinsic Mode Splitting in a Parametric Micromechanical Resonator
Mohammad Mahdavi, University of Texas at Dallas: An Analog Micro-Electromechanical XOR
Beheshteh Khazaeili Najafabadi, University of Central Florida: Orientation-Dependent Acceleration Sensitivity of Silicon-Based MEMS Resonators
WINNER: Ruonan Liu, UC Berkeley: RF-Powered Micromechanical Clock Generator    
Group 2 
WINNER: Etienne Vaillant, FEMTO-ST: Phase Noise Measurement of AlN Contour-Mode Resonators

Paulo Carvalho, University of São PauloArea Optimized CORDIC-Based Numerically Controlled Oscillator for Electrical Bio-Impedance Spectroscopy

Tianchi Sun, Drexel University: Improved Optically SILPLL Based Forced Oscillators

Anisha Apte, Synergy Microwave Corp.: Colpitts Oscillators

Group 3/5 (combined into a single competition)
Gregory Hoth, NIST: Scale Factor Measurements for a Gyroscope Based on an Expanding Ball of Atoms               

Moustafa Abdel Hafiz, FEMTO-ST – CNRS: A High-Performance CPT-Based Cs Cell Atomic Clock                

WINNER: Liron Stern, Hebrew University of Jerusalem: Chip-Scale Atomic Cladding Wave Guides for Optical Frequency References in the Telecom and NIR Regime

Ting Zeng, National Time Service Center, Chinese Academy of Sciences: Research on Glowworm Swarm Optimization Localization Algorithm Based on Wireless Sensor Network

Group 4
Megha Agrawal, University of Cambridge: A Microfluidic Platform for Glucose Sensing Using Broadband Ultrasound Spectroscopy

Xuqian Zheng, Case Western Reserve University: Characterization of Thin Film Lead Zirconate Titanate (PZT) Multimode Piezoelectric Cantilevers Vibrating in Ultrasonic Band

Michael Breen, University of Illinois: High Speed Mid-Infrared Detectors Based on MEMS Resonators and Spectrally Selective Metamaterials

WINNER: Maribel Maldonado-Garcia, University of Texas at Dallas: Miniaturized Aerosol Impactors with Integrated Piezoelectric Thin Film Resonant Mass Balances

Group 6
Erwan Lucas, Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne: Low Noise Microwave Generation via Temporal Soliton Formation in a Crystalline Optical microresonator with a Narrow Linewidth Laser

WINNER: Maxime Favier, LNE-SYRTE: Frequency Ratio of a Mercury Optical Lattice Clock with Primary and Secondary Frequency Standards          

Yuan Yao, East China Normal University: High Precision Optical Frequency Divider

Jwo-Sy Chen, NIST: Characterization of Ion Motion near the 3D Ground State in an Aluminum Ion Clock