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On Monday, May 9th, there will be a series of tutorials covering a wide range of topics relevant to the frequency control community. The tutorials include both the fundamental topics of frequency and timing at a level suitable for practitioners new to the field, and more advanced  and  specialized  topics  related  to  specific  areas. Cavity optomechanics, atomic clocks, and MEMS sensors,  will  be highlighted in the tutorial sessions this year with a special attention to their use for frequency control applications.   The  tutorials  aim  to  provide  useful  knowledge  to  the  beginners  in  the community, as well as those with extensive experience.


Track A

(Optomechanical Systems)

Track B

(Timekeeping and Noise)

Track C



 Tutorial 1A – Tobias Kippenberg (Cavity Quantum Optomechanics)

Tutorial 1B – Judah Levine (Characterization of Clocks and Oscillators)


Tutorial 1C – Svenja Knappe (Atomic Sensors)



Coffee Break


Tutorial 2A – Hong Tang (Chipscale Cavity Optomechanics and Cavity Optoelectromechanics)

Tutorial 2B – Eric Burt (Microwave Atomic Clocks)


Tutorial 2C – Ashwin Seshia (MEMS Inertial Sensors)




Tutorial 3A – Gaurav Bahl (Brillouin Optomechanics and Opto-Mechano-Fluidics)

Tutorial 3B – Patrizia Tavella (Precise Time Scales and Navigation Systems, the Ultimate Challenge to Time Metrology)


Tutorial 3C  -- Dave Horsley (Modeling, Design, Materials and Fabrication of Piezoelectric Micromachined Ultrasonic Transducers)


Coffee Break


Tutorial 4A – Peter Rakich (Mixing light and sound on chip: The physics and technology of Brillouin interactions)

Tutorial 4B – Chris Oates (Introduction to Optical Atomic Clocks)


Tutorial 4C – Vikrant Gokhale (Resonant Infrared Detectors)


Track A – Optomechanical Systems

Tutorial 1A


Tutorial 2A


Tutorial 3A


Tutorial 4A


Track B – Timekeeping and Noise

Tutorial 1B


Tutorial 2B


Tutorial 3B


Tutorial 4B


Track C – Sensors

Tutorial 1C


Tutorial 2C


Tutorial 3C


Tutorial 4C